First and foremost, smart design, durable and quality construction that will last is in and of itself green.  That is the baseline for all of Noël Design Build’s projects.  Beyond that, we divert as many reusable materials as possible to Community Forklift and recycle demolition wastes through our waste hauler.  We also prefer to use high performance insulation packages, energy efficient HVAC systems and appliances, low and no-VOC paints, and a number of other green design strategies and materials that add great value with little to no premium to a project.

Green building falls along a spectrum from small tweaks to hardcore passive design/net-zero energy consumption/etc.  If you’d like to venture a bit deeper into sustainability as part of your project, Noël Design Build’s staff expert has over 25 years of experience in all things green and will provide design-phase consulting to help you find the right balance between GREEN and $green$.

While many green opportunities may have a financial premium associated with their use, many will not.  Some premiums can also be offset with operational savings, while others may be worth their contribution to improved comfort or better indoor air quality.

Our staff expert oversaw the green design, permitting, and renovation (with addition) of an historic row home in Georgetown.  It was only the second home in DC to be awarded the highest Platinum-level designation under the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to energy audits and weatherization, solar thermal (hot water) and PV systems, green roofs, pervious paver exterior hardscaping, rain barrels, FSC wood products, low and no-VOC products, high-performance HVAC systems and insulation packages, energy and water efficient fixtures and appliances, and much more…just ask!