At Noël Design Build, we are focused on preserving the past by utilizing the most modern techniques, architectural methodologies, and technologies to save and ensure the integrity and heritage of historic homes and buildings.

With our wide scope of abilities and expert experience, Noël Design Build is a leader in helping to reestablish and safeguard your historic buildings.

Whether we need to totally reestablishing a historic structure or make structural fixes, we can give you an intensive, master evaluation of your property from one of our in-house restoration experts. When set up with us, your project would then be being taken care of by our top notch managers and team.

Our craftsmen, carpenters, and restoration experts are invested wholeheartedly in reestablishing notable structures effectively and perfectly. You can depend on us to function as a component of a group with the customer, engineer, and other exchange experts to take care of business on schedule, guaranteeing it will keep going for a long time into the future.

Our Historic Restoration Process

Our greatest pleasure is doing a historic restoration for a stately Washington DC building from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  With our structural as well as artistic capabilities, we revive and preserve things of cultural and historic value, enhancing them with modern functionality.

We always start with doing water drainage right and the safe removal of anything that is beyond repair. All systems are evaluated, engineered and upgraded. We work with all materials from plaster, venetian plaster, brick, stone, hardwoods, glass, ceramic, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, fiberglass. We create custom moldings, restore chandeliers, do finish carpentry and custom furnishings and finishes.

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