Structural Services



When our design/build renovation projects extend beyond the cosmetic and into the realm of structural components, our engineer partners will be included in the design process as appropriate and available to consult during construction. All designs will be stamped and certified by the engineer, built to engineered specifications, inspected, and approved during construction.


Structural problems sometimes turn up in a home for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • A past renovation that was undertaken without proper engineering, permits, and/or inspections.
  • A soil or drainage issue that undermines a foundation or slab.
  • An original design that fell short of later-accepted standards for carrying loads.
  • An infestation of termites that causes structural components to fail.

These will often show up as cosmetic or functional issues while a home is inhabited or during a sale, at the point of an inspection which can affect the transferability of the property.

Noel Design Build Group has developed relationships with expert engineers, each with decades of experience, with whom we work closely to remediate these types of structural problems. But what we really pride ourselves on is finding the least invasive and most cost effective solution to the problem. We carefully analyze what it will take to perform the work in construction and how the aesthetics of a home might be affected so that elegant finished solutions may be coupled with delivering on the functional requirements.

The process of temporarily supporting live loads, installing long steel or engineered wood beams, and making all of the required connections properly to match engineering specifications is not work for the average renovation firm. Knowing the right combination of engineers to call on to help develop the most cost effective solution and delivering on a solution that will permanently solve the problem at hand is our specialty.

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