Designs developed by a team well versed in construction help assure that the permitting and construction of your project will be efficient and the project costs will fall within your budget.

Because every project is different, we customize our design process to accommodate each client’s unique logistical needs. The steps outlined below remain consistent components of our approach:

  1. Understand the overall goals and priorities related to the project (functional needs, aesthetic preferences, human health,  environmental concerns, structural requirements, budgetary constraints, logistical challenges, etc.).
  2. Determine if and which historic designations or zoning parameters in place within your jurisdiction might impact the goals of the project, and perform the necessary research to understand applicable constraints.
  3. Develop very accurate as-built drawings of all existing conditions.
  4. Coordinate with structural and/or geotechnical engineers to address applicable structural scopes and options to avoid future problems.
  5. Work with clients to review options for addressing bigger picture challenges ahead of developing the more detailed schematic floor plan drawings.
  6. Develop permit-ready drawing sets based on finalized floor plans and engineering based on load calculations, revisited finish selection discussions, and interim construction cost estimates.
  7. Provide final, structurally-certified permit plans, and a finalized construction cost analysis.

We also help clients understand in advance where their input and decisions within the steps above will be needed as part of our overall drive towards design process efficiency.

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Design Drawings for a Condo Conversion

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